Friday, July 16, 2010

NROL4W - Stage 3 - Friday - Active Recovery

I had planned on doing some Turbo Jam but I decided to take my son to the park instead. We are rarely up in time to go before the sun gets too hot. We played soccer and goofed around on the playground equipment. I was climbing up on one of the platforms in front of the monkey bars and decided I'd just haul myself up the "wrong" way and I smashed the top of my head pretty damn hard on the monkey bar at the edge. I didn't realize it was there and I pulled myself up with a good bit of force. It hurt. I cried.

oatmeal & banana
eggs w/ avocado, light English muffin w/ sugar free jelly [1 pt]
baked squash fries & turkey patty w/ homemade honey mustard dressing
apple & cottage cheese
tilapia & onion of Flat Out bread [1 pt], mixed vegetables

80 ounces of water and two coffees. 23 weekly and 9 activity points remaining.

Tomorrow's workout - nothing formal. We're going camping and I guess kayaking. I'm taking the soccer ball and badminton set. I will post tomorrow before we leave, with my plan of attack for keeping my food straight.

Days Binge Free: 19

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Jess said...

You poor thing! That sounds like something I'd do. :)