Friday, April 1, 2011

Insanity - Week 1 - Friday - Pure Cardio

Today's ridiculousness was Pure Cardio, 38 minutes of crazy drills. Okay, it's more like 20 minutes of actual drills because the warm up and stretch take about half of the workout (in most of the videos). But the warm up itself is enough to give one a heart attack. I still can't do the push up jacks and floor sprints because my feet slide everywhere. I really hope I can find some non-stick flooring soon. I was slow with the switch kicks and suicide jumps (burpees) and the level whatever drills. I like the suicide drills (because they are first!) and the hook & jump rope. Anyway, my net burn was 287 calories, so I'll take 4 activity points for that.

coffee w/ skim milk [2]
deviled eggs & apple slices [5]
carrot sticks & cheese [2]
three bean salad [8]
baked chicken parmesan w/ pasta [17]
orange [0]

I used all 29 of my daily points, all of my activity points, and have 48 weekly points remaining. I wanted some hot chocolate with Bailey's Irish Cream (because I was out of coffee) but decided that it wasn't worth the 9 points per cup.

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