Saturday, April 16, 2011

Insanity - Week 3 - Saturday - Plyo Cardio Circuit

Good workout today. I got a little more sleep than normal and did the workout when I got up. I can finally get through the warm up without wanting to punch Shaun T in the tightly-shorted junk. I still have problems with level one drills, mainly because of the shoulder usage. I just can't plank that long. Well, I probably could if were not doing other things, like push ups and floor sprints and fancy footwork. Anywhoooooooooo - my net burn was 304 calories and I will take 4 activity points for that.

Let's not talk about food, okay? I'm pissed at myself. Again. Why the hell can't I have a normal relationship with food? It's a shame that all my hard Insanity work is for "nothing" because my diet is shit. I need to start planning better, keep fresh fruit and vegetables on hand (and not let my crisper get empty like it has been this week), and make a better effort to eat meals throughout the day and not snacks.

On a bright note, all my cookie dough is gone!

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