Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Insanity - Week 2 - Wednesday - Plyo Cardio Circuit

I forgot I had a banana yesterday morning when I got to work. I never added that to my food in yesterday's post!

This was the third go-round for this workout. I really brought it, and my net burn was 312 calories (4 activity points). I'm able to do some of the exercises, such as mountain climbers and jumping/cross jacks without slowing down. I can do the final circuit of jabs and such without slowing down. I still have problems with the level one drills and that segment because my shoes still slip if I'm trying to go fast. So I still need to look into flooring options. But all in all, I am very pleased with today's workout!

coffee w/ skim milk [2]
apple [0]
salad w/ fat free dressing [1]
carrot sticks [0]
turkey sunshine salad w/ light dressing [14]
apple & cottage cheese [6]
36 ounces of water

I ate a little more today than I did yesterday - 23 of 29 daily points. My appetite is slowly coming back. I didn't use my activity points and still have 49 weekly points remaining. I hope to use all my dailies tomorrow.

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