Sunday, April 3, 2011

Insanity - Week 1 - Sunday - Rest Day

I weighed in at 134, down 4 pounds from Sunday. It always happens like that when I get on plan and stop eating tons of carbs. The water just whooshes away.

I think I've fixed my slippery floor problem. I took my second pair of running shoes back and got a pair of cross-trainers. We'll see how it goes tomorrow but when I tested them out with a few moves, I stuck much better.

coffee w/ skim milk [2]
cheese omelet, waffles w/ light syrup [11]
taco salad [11]
orange & carrot sticks [0]
venison tenderloin & Asian Medley vegetables [13] - I actually couldn't finish all the venison and rather than eat it like I normally would, I gave the rest to my husband. I actually did eat a little more than I should have. That entire bag of vegetables filled me up.
sandwich thin w/ butter [5]

I used all 29 of my daily points and have 26 weekly points going unused.

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