Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Countdown to Christmas Challenge - Week 4 - Tuesday

I did Turbo Jam Fat Blaster after work today, and burned 236 calories. Under the old system, that's 2 activity points. Under the new system, it's 3 activity points. I'm going to try not to use more than 2 today. And I think I will continue with the "use them on the day I earn them or I lose them" approach. That seems to be working well.

oatmeal [4] w/ protein powder [1] & banana [0]
apple [0] & cottage cheese [5], carrot sticks [0] & broccoli [0]
vegetarian chili [10] w/ cheese [2]
air-popped popcorn [4] w/ olive oil [1]
dark chocolate [2] w/ apple [0] - Sebastian had to leave a treat for Helmet, his Elf on the Shelf.

20 ounces of water, two coffees [2] and several teas. I ate all my daily points and met my GHGs. I ate 2 of my 3 activity points, and have 49 weekly points remaining. And I inadvertently went meatless again today.

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