Sunday, November 28, 2010

Countdown to Christmas Challenge - Week 3 - Sunday

I weighed in at 129.5 today, down 4.5 since I started counting points again three weeks ago. Yay me. Technically, this means I drop down to 21 daily points, but since Weight Watchers has unveiled an entirely new plan with new calculations, I'm switching to that, effective tomorrow. So today is more of the same.

Keep in mind that I am not a member of WW. I do it entirely on my own, using what I learn through the various message boards. I've been putting together a reference guide and will add to it as I go along. For the most part, the change is a great one - it sort of pushes one to eat healthier foods. Instead of just focusing on fat and fiber, the new calculations consider protein, total carbs, fiber, and fat, and we're sort of "rewarded" for eating lean proteins (YAY!). Fruit is mostly 0 points now, as are most vegetables (not corn, peas, or potatoes). The points values for most foods have changed because of the new calculations. We get more daily points, as well as more weekly points. [Well, "getting more" isn't entirely true. Points are being readjusted to reflect the current research on how our bodies use macronutrients.]My daily points target is 29, and I have 49 weekly points, as well as activity points (now calculated as 1 AP = 80 calories burned) to use however. I'm excited.

omelet [4] w/ onion [0] & green peppers [0], Sandwich Thin [1] w/ cheese [1]
apple [1] & cottage cheese [4]
spaghetti [3] w/ meatballs [3] & sauce [1], garlic bread [4]
Sandwich Thin [1] w/ butter [1]
dark chocolate [5]

Three coffees [3] and several teas. I used up all my daily points and met my GHGs. I went ahead and used up my weekly points, too. I'm looking forward to tomorrow!


Melty said...

so you are going to go with 80 = 1? I feel like they already overestimate. I think I might stick with 100 = 1. We'll see after I get the materials.

Oh and, you're welcome :0.

Becky said...

I don't know. I did want to stick with 1 AP = 100 calories just so all I have to do is look at the first number on my HRM, and not bother doing any of that long division in my head. But then again, I won't want to under eat. Maybe I will do 1 AP = 80 cals and make sure they are protein points, kwim?

Becky said...

I like adding protein powder to my oatmeal. Maybe I can use my APs for that.

Melty said...

when my WW protein powder is out, I'm going to buy something else. I was adding it to my oatmeal too. It was good. But I don't think I can eat oats anymore (It might be a cross contamination of gluten)It's doing awful things to my digestive system.

Becky said...

It sucks that your gut dislikes you so much.