Wednesday, November 3, 2010

No Videos Challenge - Week 6 - Wednesday

No real exercise today - I took a 30 minute walk in the rain after work. I'll take 1 activity point for it. I didn't wear my heart rate monitor though.

apple [1] & cottage cheese [4]
baked potato [3]
baked chicken parmesan [7] w/ corn [1] - I used canola oil in the recipe instead of butter, so I'd get my oil servings in.
carrots [0] w/ dressing [1], grapes [0]
Fiber One cereal [3] w/ milk [1]

Lots of tea and two coffees [2 pts for milk]. I managed to hit my minimum points for the day, and use my activity point. I wasn't really that hungry, but I had to get my dailies in. I was going to have a sugar free fudge pop, but went with cereal instead.

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