Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Countdown to Christmas Challenge - Week 4 - Wednesday

[18 inch] step up 5x5x20 lbs
supinated grip bodyweight row 3x12
Romanian dead lift 5x5x85 lbs 
plank 3x60s

2 activity points for this workout.

oatmeal [4] w/ protein powder [1] & banana [0]
apple [0] & cottage cheese [5]
vegetable soup [1]
yogurt [3] w/ granola [3]
turkey breast [3] w/ salad vegetables [0], avocado [2] & salsa w/ olive oil [1]
string cheese [4], banana [0] & dark chocolate [2]

Two coffees [2] and several teas. I used all my daily and activity points, and have 49 weekly points remaining. I'm struggling to get my 29 daily points every. I don't know why. I'm worried that I will feel pressured to use all my weekly points over the weekend just because I have them to use. Next weekend when I actually need them for a fundraiser, I won't have them. LOL

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