Saturday, November 20, 2010

Countdown to Christmas Challenge - Week 2 - Saturday

barbell squat 5x5x105 lbs
one arm db rows 5x5x30 lbs
atomic push up 3x12

Those atomic push ups are exhausting!! I tried to do them today with my arms more in a tricep-kitting position. I almost didn't make it through each set of 12 without stopping. I thought for sure I'd have to pause, but I pushed through. I'm taking 2 activity points for the workout. I moved my squat back up to my pre-5K workouts. I might go higher next time.

pretzels [2]
fried eggs [5] w/ tomato [0] on Sandwich Thin [1]
pretzels [2]
chocolate milk [3]
chicken thighs [6] w/ whole wheat pasta [1] & Asian vegetables [1]
apple [1]

Two coffees [2]. It wasn't the greatest food day but I did use all my daily & activity points and met my GHGs. I have 19 weekly points remaining.

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