Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Countdown to Christmas Challenge - Week 1 - Wednesday

[18 inch] step up 1x5xbw, 4x5x10 lbs - I was going to use a barbell but my balance is good on this high of a step
supinated grip bodyweight row 3x12
Romanian dead lift 2x5x120 lbs, 3x5x80 lbs - UGH!
plank 3x45 s

2 activity points earned for this. I struggled with it, mentally. I was tired from working 9+ hours today. My head was not in this game. I could NOT get my RDL form down. I love RDLs but it's been so long since I've done them, I couldn't remember how. The weight I chose first just killed my shoulders and I couldn't get into a position that felt right. Even at the lower weight, it felt weird. I'll have to really back off and practice with just the bar. My shoulders are a bit sore though, so I'm hoping that's a big factor, and not my wimpiness.

apple [1] & cottage cheese [4]
skim milk [2], chicken nuggets [10]
salad [0] w/ chicken breast [2] & homemade honey mustard dressing [3]
grilled cheese [5] - I tried out a new bread recipe and needed to sample it! 

One coffee [1 pt for milk] and several teas. I used all my daily points, and both of my activity points, and have 27 weekly points remaining.

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