Wednesday, September 16, 2009

P90X - Week 2 - Wednesday

Shoulders & Arms today. I improved or stayed the same in every exercise in terms of weights and reps. For some exercises, I added weight, so I'm pleased with this workout. ARX still blows. I am still taking breaks to get all the reps in, but I can do all the reps for in & outs and leg climbs without one. And today, I did all of the Mason twists without a break. Go me LOL

HOLY CRAP!!! I just watched the Ab Ripper video to double check something and I've been totally screwing myself on the V-up roll ups!!! I have been counting the V-up and the roll up together as 1 rep, but each one by itself is a rep!! I've been doing twice as much work as necessary! No wonder I loathe those.

7:20 AM - banana & cottage cheese

10:05 AM - plum

11:00 AM - scrambled eggs w/ onion, green pepper & picante sauce

1:30 PM - yogurt; I debated whether or not to eat this because I had the rest of the day planned out and it would have put me over calories and messed up my ratio (which wasn't perfect, but good enough). Then I said screw it.

3:10 PM - chicken breast, baby carrots & green pepper slices

6:30 PM - turkey meatloaf, corn muffins, broccoli & cauliflower; I really overate. It wouldn't have been too bad if I hadn't eaten the corn muffin my son didn't want. I need to find a healthier corn bread recipe! No guilt though.

Four cups of coffee and 80 ounces of water.

Calories - 1784
Carbs - 210 (19 fiber)
Protein - 141
Fat - 45
C/P/F Ratio - 46.4/31.2/22.4


Mel said...

how do you make your turkey meatloaf? I made turky meatballs tonight and I sometimes make turkey muffins. It's all the same really. I overate at dinner tonight too. I ate my dinner and Brady's. But I don't think I went over points too bad and I think if you count Activity Points, I didn't go over at all.

Becky said...

I used this recipe:

but used 20 ounces of turkey, instead of a pound and a half. And I forgot to cut back on the milk.

Mel said...

Sometime try this. It was given to me at a Weight Watchers meeting.
1 pd ground turkey
1 box stove top (or generic) stuffing
1 egg
1 cup water.

mix it all up and bake on 350 until it's done.

I often put garlic and peppers and onions in mine but sometimes I don't because the family likes it better the plain way. I also put it in a muffin tin because it's like 2 pt per muffin. Easier to figure.

Becky said...

I don't usually buy stuffing mix but if I ever do, I may have to give that recipe a try. Thanks!

Mel said...

I never did either until I started using this recipe. It's just the small box. Not the multi-serving containers.

Becky said...

These are going to be perfect for my husband's lunch. I've already put stuffing on the shopping list.

Becky said...

Holy shit, Mel, that turkey loaf recipe rocks!! I made it in the muffin pan so DH can just grab a few for his lunch box. Thanks so much for sharing!

Mel said...

I am SO glad you liked it! I love it. I make it all the time and it's how I made the meatballs. They were really good too. They are so easy and you can freeze them if you don't eat them all!

Becky said...

Not eating all of something is rarely a problem in our house. Except for today - I made a very big pot of tomato basil soup and froze half of it.

Becky said...

These were a HUGE hit with Sebastian!!