Friday, September 11, 2009

P90X - Week 1 - Friday

Legs & Back today, along with Ab Ripper X. I did ARX without using the dvd, and I had to take a few pauses. I did all the reps though. Here are the exercises in Legs & Back:

reverse grip chin up
wide front pull up
closed grip overhand pull up
switch grip pull up
balance lunge
calf raise squat
super skater
wall squat
step back lunge
alternating side lunge
single leg wall squat
dead lift squat
three way lunge
sneaky lunge
chair salutations
toe roll iso lunge
Groucho walk
calf raise
80-20 Seiber speed squat

I used 5 and 10 pound weights for some of the exercises. Some of the unweighted ones, I had to pause the video. I swear, my goal for this round of P90X is to just get through the damn workout without pausing. I felt pretty good during the workout, but I was totally wasted by the time I got into ARX. When I finished ARX, I just sprawled out on my yoga mat until I could get the energy to crawl into the kitchen for some fruit. Then I was fantastic! I suppose this is where some people would drink the P90X recovery drink, but honestly, I hate when an exercise program pushes particular products. So fruit or chocolate milk will do.

I did better with my calories today but I still didn't hit the right macronutrient ratio for this phase of P90X. I hit my range for calories, carbs, and fat but this protein is killing me. I wasn't under by much and I could have pushed it, but it would have put me over elsewhere.

7:05 AM - banana & cottage cheese

10:50 AM - plum

11:35 AM - scrambled eggs w/ onion, green pepper & picante sauce

3:05 PM - chicken breast & broccoli

5:15 PM - chicken breast, black bean & corn salsa

7:20 PM - chicken breast, turkey meatballs & pepper jack cheese

Four cups of coffee and 80 ounces of water.

Calories - 1535
Carbs - 130 (18 fiber)
Protein - 165
Fat - 40
C/P/F Ratio - 33.8/42.7/23.5


Maine Girl said...

I don't do the recovery drink either, same reason. Though....I do have some of the Biggest Loser recovery drink in my cupboard, but mostly because its fairly cheap compared, I can buy it local without ordering online, and its lower in calorie and sugar count, but ok in protein. I really only use it in recipes calling for Whey Protein, and the occasional hunger reducer in the morning before a workout.
Also, have you thought about staggering the workouts? Like doing your muscle workout in the am and ab in the pm, just to give yourself time to recover? That being said, I totally understand, because there are days when I have to do one right after the other for timing sake....
Anyway, you go girl!

Becky said...

I thought about staggering, but I like to have them done and out of the way. I don't like to mess around later in the day. I'd rather get up at 5 AM and exercise than have to do it in the afternoon LOL

I'm thinking about trying chocolate milk for my recover drink, since it has close to the same carb to protein ration. I'm just having a hard time with the overall math because I need a certain number of carbs, fat, and protein to fit into the Phase 1 nutrition. If I eat all the carbs I'm supposed to (like in a recovery drink and protein bar, on top of the carb portion and carbs that come from everything else), it would put me way over. I'd have to eat even more protein to get the right ratio and then it just becomes a mess LOL

Mel said...

I feel like the nutrition program for P90X is too complicated. I barely can think about what to make my kids to eat. I don't know how I'd be able to work out theirs.

Becky said...

It is complicated, unless you follow the menu exactly, but I don't care for some of the foods on the menu. For me, the portion plan was easier to understand, but then I got overly concerned with the specific numbers and breakdowns and just made a mess for myself.