Thursday, September 17, 2009

P90X - Week 2 - Thursday

Yoga X today, and I was up before 5 AM to get it done. This is the perfect workout to do at that time. My house is small and the workout is quiet. Of course, my son did wake up by 5:30 so I don't know why I bother being quiet.

I was way over on carbs today. I'm doing a terrible job following the P90X nutrition plan, but that aside, my food intake is really good. I could stand to get more vegetables though. That is the one thing I absolutely hate about the P90X plan - only 2 servings of vegetables a day. husband brought home some hush puppies from the restaurant his boss owns. He's been raving about these fore weeks and finally brought some for me to try. I ate them all. Then I lost it. I ate the coconut M&Ms I planned on eating after I finished P90X. That ticked me off. Not that I ate crap, but that I ate something I specifically set aside for a later date. Oh well. I'm over it.

5:00 AM - banana & cottage cheese

7:00 AM - apple & peanut butter

10:15 AM - Kashi blueberry waffles w/ sugar free syrup, omelet w/ onion, green pepper & picante sauce

1:30 PM - chicken breast w/ light barbecue sauce, baby carrots & green pepper slices

3:30 PM - yogurt

6:50 PM - tuna patties on romaine lettuce, half a grilled cheese sandwich my son didn't finish; I hate letting food go to waste. I actually logged the grilled cheese in my tracker.

Four cups of coffee and 80 ounces of water.

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Mel said...

The grilled cheese - those are what I call BLTs, bites, licks and tastes. I always count them. :)