Sunday, September 6, 2009

Labor Day Challenge - Week 8 - Sunday

The last day before P90X! I'm taking a reasonable free day. My allergies are still killing me and I've just about had enough of being home alone with our son. My husband has been out of town since Tuesday and I've been very resentful and stressed about it.

After 8 weeks of not doing so, I actually had to weigh in today. I was a little worried that I'd gained lots of poundage because I was rather liberal with the food on some days. My goal these last two months was to maintain my weight of 130 pounds. I am proud to day that I did maintain. Actually, I lost half a pound and I lost inches. This gives me a little confidence that I can actually do maintenance. Though, when I'm in maintenance, I will probably weigh more than once a month - probably twice - to keep myself in check.

Oh, and quick comment about my weight loss pictures. I've linked to them before, usually when I complete a new challenge and take new pictures. I won't be doing that today because I'm not renewing my domain and web site. I wasn't really using it for anything except random stuff and file storage, so I'm going in a different direction. I am working on getting some stuff up on my Picasa account but it will take me some time to organize it.

For fun today, since I did all my measurements, I figured I'd play around with the various body fat calculators to show just how much discrepancy there can be.

First, I used this site, which relies on body weight and linear measurements to calculate body fat. Based on gender, age, weight, and 4 different points of measurement, my body fat is 23%, with 29.9 pounds of fat and 100.1 pounds of lean body weight (which includes everything that's not fat - bone, muscle, water).

Using this site, which also relies on body weight an linear measurements - which are different from the first site, my body fat is 25.7%, with 33.4 pounds of fat and 96.6 pounds of lean body weight.

According to this spreadsheet, which relies on who knows what because all the calculations are behind the scenes and too complicated for me to understand, my body fat is 29.25%, with 37.87 pounds of fat and 91.63 pounds of lean body weight.

Using the instructions that came with my Accu-Measure calipers (a one-site test at the abdomen), my body fat is 26.7%. I can use this site to calculate 34.7 pounds of fat and 95.3 pounds of lean body weight.

Using the 7-site caliper test here, my body fat is 32%. Using the 3-site caliper test on that same web site, my body fat is 29.6%

And according to the spreadsheet I'm tracking with in Google Documents (which uses some) different caliper sites than the other calculators) my body fat is 39.2%. There's no freaking way I'm 40% body fat.

The average of all these crazy readings is 29%. I don't want to believe that number either. I'd like to go with that 23% measurement LOL But it's not the actual number that matters, but the trend from here on out. Still, I wish I weren't so obsessed with hard numbers.

Edited to add: I just hopped on my Tanita scale (thanks to NSIMON116 for reminding me that I had one) and my body fat on that is 29%. I have no idea if I'm "properly" hydrated though.


Jess said...

That is SO awesome that you were able to maintain without weighing for 2 months! :D Great job!

Becky said...

Thanks, Jess. It was a complete shock to me LOL