Monday, May 30, 2011

Post-Insanity Break - Week 1 - Monday - Rest Day

When I posted last night, I was off to drink mudslides. It turns out that the mudslides are way too sweet for me, so I switched to vodka & diet cola. For me to find something too sweet is insane!!! I don't know how much I drank last night (it wasn't tons because I'm not hungover) but I know I didn't stuff my face with bad food in my not-give-a-care approach. I'm glad for that at least.

No workout today. It sucks not earning any activity points.

I did spend some time thinking about my fitness and looking at my heart rate monitor settings (to make sure the weight was accurate) but then I noticed my VO2max setting. VO2 is just the amount of oxygen one uses. There are ways to test it and the last time I tested mine, it was using a walking test, and it gave me surprisingly excellent results. But I don't think that can possibly be right. According to my heart rate monitor, I don't burn a lot of calories, and if I were super fit (with the VO2 setting that was there), that would make sense but I'm not super fit. So that walking test cannot be in any way accurate. I calculated my VO2max based on my last 5K and it gave me a much lower number - 10 "points" lower! That does sound better. It's still good but not the superior nonsense that I was getting. And the reason I chose the walking test way back then was because I couldn't run. Now, thanks to Go Far, I can run. I will keep running. So I will use my race stats to calculate my VO2max. Right now, it is 34.89 mls/kg/min. According to the tables on that page, it's good, almost excellent. But on another site, it's only average and not even close to good. Whatever. I need to just focus on increasing that number.

But anyway, I've changed the number in my HRM and I'm going to try to get an Insanity workout in this week to compare the calorie burn.

coffee w/ skim milk [1]
egg, cheese & tomato on light English muffin [7]
green beans, tomato & onion w/ olive oil [2]
apple w/ peanut butter, skim milk [6]
carrot sticks [0]
vegetarian lasagna [12]
apple [0]

I got 28 of my 29 daily points, but I ate quite a bit of fruit. I need to plan my Meatless Mondays better. I have 49 weekly points remaining.

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