Thursday, May 19, 2011

Insanity - Week 8 - Thursday - Max Interval Circuit

This is definitely my favorite workout of the series. Oh, wait, maybe it's Max Interval Sports Training. I don't know - I'll let you know tomorrow. It was as good a workout as I would have liked - I've not been getting much sleep, and my son was up most of the night with a terrible cough. The smoke from the wildfire is really aggravating these kids - I had quite a few hackers when I worked with the after school kids yesterday. Add to the mix my sinus infection, dead as lead legs, and the fact that I am trying to rest up for my 5K in two days, well, let's just say it wasn't my best effort. My net burn today was345, good for 4 activity points.

coffee w/ skim milk [1]
apple & cottage cheese [5]
corn dog nuggets & dinner roll [14]
green beans & fruit [0] - I ate a lot of this today.
tilapia w/ lettuce on flat out bread [11]
salad w/ light dressing [3]

I used all of my daily and activity points and have 42 weekly points remaining.

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