Saturday, May 14, 2011

Insanity - Week 7 - Saturday - Max Interval Sports Training

New workout today. I loved this workout, probably even more than Max Interval Circuit. There's no stretching at the beginning, and there are short breaks throughout. Best of all...NO EFFING SUICIDE JUMPS OR FULL BODY DRILLS!!!! My net burn for the 55 minutes was only 340 calories though, good for 4 activity points.

coffee w/ skim milk [1]
turkey, cheese & bacon salad w/ light dressing & olive oil [13]
light English muffin w/ light cream cheese [5]
apple, carrots & pepper slices [0]
homemade Hawaiian pizza [17]
muffin samples [4] - I took small bites of the three varieties of muffins I made today. They aren't anything I'd normally eat so I am safe from temptation.

I used all of my daily points and activity points, and have 26 weekly points remaining.

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