Friday, May 13, 2011

Insanity - Week 7 - Thursday - Max Recovery & Insane Abs

I hate these two workouts. I won't have Max Recovery again because of my 5K next week andI should have Insane Abs twice more but I'm just not doing it again. I can't. I hate it so damn much. I hate working my core on my butt. It hurts my butt, even with padding, and I just despise this workout. So rather than cry and be resentful for 66 more minutes, I'm not doing it again. Screw it. I don't care. I will do some ab work on my own. Call me a quitter but I'm not doing Insane Abs ever again. The attempt was so half-hearted and I was so angry that I had to do these workouts that I'm not even taking any activity points for them.

coffee w/ skim milk [1]
apple & cottage cheese [5]
fruit salad & cheese [4]
turkey sunshine salad w/ light dressing & olive oil [13]
pepperoni & cheese [14]

I used all of my daily points and have 33 weekly points remaining. I don't even know if this is right. Blogger was down yesterday and my draft disappeared so I don't know what else I ate in the morning. I just know I'm down to 33 weekly points.

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