Saturday, July 25, 2009

Labor Day Challenge - Week 2 - Saturday

No exercise today. I skipped it in order to go to a car show with my guys, then we bought Active Life Outdoor Challenge for the Wii and played that. I think it's a LOT more fun than the Wii Fit! The whole reason I bought the Wii was for this kind of thing, and I try to buy games that require us to be off our butts. This was fun, and I hope I can get my son to play with me every day. Or most days. I don't plan on wearing my heart rate monitor or counting it as exercise or anything. Just extra fun.

I haven't been tracking food today. We've been in and out a lot. I did overeat some pork rinds - a habit from my days on Atkins. I helped myself to fruit and green peppers, liberally. Everything else, I kept in check fairly well.

And now, I wish I had an extra television and dvd player so I could do some Turbo in a different room. I can't see on my son's portable dvd player and my husband is watching the race in the living room. Some day, when we win the lottery, I'm going to have the most awesome exercise room.

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