Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Labor Day Challenge - Week 1 - Tuesday

I was hungry after I blogged last night and I ate a huge bowl of...wait for it...green peppers! WTF? I was craving green peppers. Go figure. Hayley told me that I'd crave fruits and vegetables after eating them for a while. Oh, and some cheese.

I did these 2 as a pair, with 45 seconds of rest at the end of the pair:
barbell squat 5x5x80
dumbbell hammer curl 5x5x20
I did these 2 as a pair, with 30 seconds of rest at the end of the pair:
SHELC 3x12xbodyweight
dumbbell step up 3x8x15

My shins were still a bit tender this morning and I wasn't sure I wanted to do my tabata or regular HIIT, but I ultimately decided to do a low impact tabata. So, 5 minutes of Turbo Jam Twist and 41 calories later, it was behind me and I was worn out LOL It's perfect though, for low impact cardio, and my legs thanked me very much.

I was much too lazy to create my own audio file for HIIT and tabatas. Fortunately, I found a few good ones on the Internet. I've been using the tabata by Workout Muse mp3 for a while (which I got directly from the composer, I think), and I found an entire album - well 4 tracks - on Amazon. It's $3.96 to download. It's also on iTunes, but almost $10. Forget that.

For free, you can download Beevs Interval Timers, which is a WinRAR file full of different mp3 intervals. It's good stuff, but I still prefer Workout Muse.

I have officially set my SparkPeople tracker to maintenance mode. I am not going to try to lose any more weight until summer is over. Nothing is going to change in terms of tracking and eating right and exercise - I just don't feel like dealing with weight loss right now. Lift heavy, eat clean(ish). That's my motto. Actually, it's just an excuse to eat more, and I can live with that for a few months. I've also changed my calories burned goal from 1500 to 500 per week, until my shin splints are healed.

7:15 AM - apple & cottage cheese

9:40 AM - avocado & cream cheese omelet w/ onion, green pepper & salsa

2:20 PM - salad w/ lettuce, tomato, onion, peppers, black beans & sun dried tomato dressing

3:55 PM - mozzarella string cheese & peppers

5:45 PM - salad w/ lettuce, onion, peppers, black beans & sun dried tomato dressing

9:15 PM - jalapeno poppers; I haven't made these in forever! They were very good. I didn't have nearly the number of poppers I used to have in my binge days.

Two cups of coffee and 120 ounces of water.

Calories - 1652
Carbs - 184 (44 fiber)
Protein - 105
Fat - 61
C/P/F Ratio - 43.1/24.5/32.4

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