Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Labor Day Challenge - Week 1 - Wednesday

Today's workout was Tae Bo Amped: Fat Burn Accelerator. It wasn't as impressive in application as it was when I previewed it yesterday. I barely broke a sweat - 50 minutes and 237 calories. However, it's low impact and I need that right now for my shins. I don't know if I'll do this one again next week or save it for times when I really can't go crazy jumping and running around.

I was a bit sore yesterday in the chest/shoulder are from the introduction of flys to my routine. Or is it flies? Meh. Today, the quads are sore. I don't know if it's from adding 2 sets of squats to what I was doing, the way I changed the position of my legs, or adding step-ups and/or SHELC to the mix. Yesterday was a pretty heavy leg day, for sure. I'm not super sore, but I can definitely feel it!

7:15 AM - banana & cottage cheese

10:45 AM - tomato, avocado & light cream cheese omelet w/ onions, peppers & salsa

1:15 PM - romaine lettuce wraps w/ cheese, black beans, onions, jalapeno pepper, garlic, fresh white corn; I'm not sure what that would be called - a salad? salsa? relish? It was delicious, I know that much. I contemplated adding a dressing to it, but it was just fine the way it was. Hummus or guacamole would be fabulous on it though!!

2:30 PM - homemade protein granola bar; I don't know why I'm so hungry. I wasn't really in the mood for vegetables and it turns out, these are even better straight out of the freezer. But I'm still hungry!

5:40 PM - chocolate chip cookie; I couldn't log this in my tracker, as I have no idea how I made it many months ago (it's been in the freezer). I was hungry while I was cooking dinner, and I'm really disappointed that I reached for this instead of a healthy alternative.

6:10 PM - more romaine wraps, vegetable risotto

And this is where I lost it...two more cookies, a big bowl of frozen bananas, jalapeno poppers. Meatloaf with cheese. On a hot dog bun. Those damn cookies triggered this. I should have grabbed the plum.

Four cups of coffee and 120 ounces of water today. No numbers today. Obviously.

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Hayley said...

Don't worry - my Wed night turned crappy, too. Maybe we can blame it on something in the air? I just couldn't find anything to satisfy me. Your salad sounds good and I imagine hummus would make it perfect!! Then again I'm more partial to hummus than I am guacamole. :)