Monday, June 22, 2009

Jillian Kicks My Butt - Week 8 - Monday

30 Day Shred Level 3 and Banish Fat Boost Metabolism today - 80 minutes and 502 calories. I was so worn out during BFBM that I probably didn't get as much out of it as I could have. Don't get me wrong - I worked hard but I modified some of the moves some of the time. And I'll be honest - during Shred, I did not do the jumping jacks with the dumbbells. I think it's ridiculous that she has people doing that. I support 98% of what Jillian says, but this is definitely not a good idea. Plus, I developed a ganglion cyst on my wrist when I was doing ChaLean Extreme (not doing the workout, just picking up a weight carelessly), so I'm pretty careful with my joints these days.

It turns out there was something seriously wrong with my three year old powdered milk. Okay, it might have only been 2 years old, but it was too old to be eaten, that's for sure. I thought something was weird Saturday night when I felt HORRIBLE shortly after tasting my ice cream, but I shrugged it off as just being shaky from not eating in a while and a bit nervous that my son and husband were STILL out at the drag strip (what can I say - I missed my baby!!). But I tasted it again yesterday and felt ill shortly after, so I tossed the whole batch of ice cream, as well as whatever powdered milk was left.

6:30 AM - Fiber One Caramel Delight cereal w/ skim milk

9:15 AM - yogurt

11:45 AM - turkey bacon, toast w/ hummus, scrambled eggs w/ onion, green pepper & salsa

2:40 PM - raw broccoli & cauliflower, turkey wrap w/ tomato, onion, green pepper & hummus

6:45 PM - chicken salad w/ lettuce, tomato, onion, green pepper & red pepper Italian dressing

7:00 PM - Pepperidge Farm coconut cake; I did not plan to have this but ate it anyway. No guilt, but I am glad there's no more.

Three cups of coffee and 120 ounces of water.

Calories - 1806
Carbs - 228 (39 fiber)
Protein - 125
Fat - 51
C/P/F Ratio - 48.8/26.8/24.3


that70sgrl said...

EW!! Glad you threw out your powdered milk! :) LOL- I do that too... I think I've had the brown sugar in my pantry for atleast a year. It's ROCK solid.

Re: TurboJam... if I lived any closer I'd do it with you, but alas... I'm FAR! I think you'd do great (tho I hear you about your dislike of people- LOL) How much is it?

Becky said...

Throw a moist cloth in with your brown sugar for a few hours, or microwave the clumps a bit to soften them. It's still good. I actually bought some sort of stone that you moisten and keep in with the brown sugar all the time to prevent clumping.

I don't remember exactrly how much Turbo Kick instructor training is - it's a few hundred bucks, then you have to buy the rounds (programs) that you use in your classes. The rounds are a decent price once you're certified LOL

that70sgrl said...

hmmm... a stone? that you moisten? I'll have to go looking for this! thanks for the tip. DH likes to leave it out on the counter... Grrrrr!!
You could always go to the back of the room of the turbo kick thing... that's usually what I do. Yoga etc... back of the bus!! :) Doesn't sound like too bad of a deal tho!!

Becky said...

I don't know what the "offical" name is but they are small clay stones that hold moisture well. You soak it for 10 minutes, then toss it in with the sugar to prevent/loosen clumps. Most cooking/kitchenware stores should have them. They are small and inexpensive.

As far as Turbo Kick, I actually want to be an instructor, but can't get over the fear of being in front of people LOL See the problem? :p

that70sgrl said...

I really really do!! I think we're alot alike actually. Eventually the scale will tip in the right direction. :) Maybe you could mentor with an instructor somewhere? There are no turbokick classes around me. :( But for you??

Becky said...

LOL I don't even know if there are any TK classes here. I haven't seen any advertised. So if I could just get over it, I could - what's the phrase? Corner the market? LOL

that70sgrl said...

Check out that link... :)

Becky said...

Ah, thanks for that link. We have nothing LOL

that70sgrl said...

That sucks... guess you'll just have to teach your own! :) surely you've inspired some moms around you as well?!

Becky said...

I wish I had a big house or something. I would just have Turbo Jam parties with my DVDs, instead of leading an actual class.

Hayley said...

I agree with you about not using weights during jumping jacks - does NOT sound like a good idea to me, either even though I love Jillian. On the other hand, I am not for walking with ankle weights strapped on either. I've always thought that's a bad idea, but I could've sworn she once told a caller to do that, too.