Sunday, February 1, 2009

NROL - Week 26 - Sunday

I'm taking a free day. I'd planned on taking a more liberal than normal day, but the various dips I've made are making it too hard for me to track properly. Plus, I ate the rest of the cookies I made yesterday. No, I didn't eat the entire batch (which was only 22 cookies) but I probably had a third of it. Oh well. So far, that's my only real guilt. I'm trying hard to be good because the game of "No Self Sabotage" is underway. Why? Because I weighed in today at 143.5 - that is down 3 pounds from last week. I'd like to keep that loss, so I'm not going hog wild today. I hope.

I also took measurements and took pictures today. I'm not going to post them until after my 12 week ChaLean Extreme challenge, but I took them. I'm pleased and hopeful. Looking at the pictures is a bit discouraging because it doesn't really look like I'm losing. Maybe I'm not working out hard enough. I don't know.

ChaLeaN Extreme is 3 phases - Burn, Push, and Lean. Each phase is 4 weeks long, and designed to push your muscles to failure with slow, heavy reps - usually a set of 10-12 or 6-8. There's some cardio involved, and ab work. The schedule looks like this:

M: Burn/Push/Lean Circuit 1
T: REST - but I'll be throwing in an extra cardio, either Turbo Jam or Tae Bo
W: Burn/Push/Lean Circuit 2
Th: Interval & Abs
F: Burn/Push/Lean Circuit 3
Sa: Burn (cardio) & Recharge (like yoga)
Su: REST - definitely sticking with a rest day here

I've decided that I'm only going to weigh on the last day (a Sunday) of each phase. So I won't weigh in again for 4 weeks. I'll also do measurements and take pics on those days.

Oh boy, I'm so excited to start!!


Jess said...

3 lbs. is AWESOME, Becky! Go you!!! Woot, woot!

taebo_melanie said...

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