Thursday, February 19, 2009

ChaLean Extreme - Week 3 - Thursday

Burn Intervals and Ab Burner today. I really tried to come up with an excuse not to do it, and that made something just snap in my head. What the hell is wrong with me that I'm looking for excuses to skip cardio? Bad Becky! I did it, and hated it the way you hate something when it just pushes you so hard but at the end, I was glad I did it. Then I walked to the library again, bringing my total distance up to 9 miles. I'm never going to get to California at this rate LOL But I did enjoy the walk and I think I'd like to do it at least twice a week, possibly three. I need to get my son a bike lock, then he can ride his bike with me, when he's not in school. I have a bike, but I haven't ridden since I was a teenager.

I found a great blog entry today about working out at home. It's a great read and easy to understand if you're overwhelmed and confused, thinking you can't get a good workout at home. You absolutely can!!!

7:35 AM - cottage cheese, Cheerios w/ skim milk

11:00 AM - chicken meatloaf w/ asparagus; I modified SparkPeople's ranch chicken loaf a bit. The recipe calls for 20 oz ground chicken, and I had 16 oz ground chicken breast. I also use Special K Protein Plus cereal and 1 oz of bread crumbs made from the double fiber bread I buy. I have tons of bread crumbs because my son won't eat crust and I can't throw it away! It was SOOOO good that I actually sat down and ate slowly, rather than wolfing food down at my desk like I usually do. It was a tad try, but I had kept it in the oven while I was on my walk. Don't worry - my oven was off, it was just the left over heat. Oh, I will be making this again. Oh, and I used powdered ranch dressing mix, rather than pre-made dressing.

11:35 AM - coffee w/ half-and-half & Splenda

3:20 PM - chicken breast & broccoli, Fiber One bar

6:15 PM - pizza salad (lettuce with turkey pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, pizza sauce)

8:00 PM - Fiber One bar; that's the last of them, yay!

Calories - 1458
Carbs - 151 (33 fiber)
Protein - 145
Fat - 39
C/P/F Ratio - 39.3/37.8/22.9

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Khordaddy said...

Thanks for the plug! I love reading your meal plans. It gives me new ideas for sure, and that's the toughest part about keeping in shape...finding foods that fit your meals, and having a good variety.