Tuesday, February 24, 2009

ChaLean Extreme - Week 4 - Tuesday

Cardio Kickbox today. What a great workout. I felt so energized after. Then I drank a 6 hour energy drink, so I am bouncing off the walls, dancing through the house. On my walk to the library, I wanted to run. Have you seen Twilight, when Edward runs? I felt like I could do that. I made the trip there and back in 24:05, excluding the time it took to exchange books (oh, and go the post office a couple blocks over). I didn't run because I had a back pack with a Diana Gabaldon book, both ways, and if you've ever seen her books, they run anywhere from 600-900 pages, or there abouts. So it was a heavy load. And my empty water bottle was in there. I can't wait until the weather is warmer so I can do this better. But it was a good, invigorating walk.

I measured out a 1 mile loop in my neighborhood because sometimes I just don't need to go to the library and I feel weird going to the door just to turn around. So the plan is to do 2-3 loops every time I go out for a walk. The goal is to get out at least 3 times a week.

9:10 AM - turkey bacon, scrambled eggs w/ onion, green pepper & salsa, coffee w/ half-and-half & Splenda

12:20 PM - turkey pepperoni & mozzarella string cheese

2:55 PM - tuna fish sandwich, coffee w/ half-and-half & Splenda

7:30 PM - Italian sausage on bread w/ ketchup & mustard, mixed vegetables

9:00 PM - Neapolitan ice cream; I had some carbs to spare so I figured I'd have a treat. It was late enough in the evening that I wasn't in any binge danger. I probably should have eaten just half a cup (1 serving) instead of 1 cup.

Calories - 1661
Carbs - 120 (23 fiber)
Protein - 121
Fat - 79
C/P/F Ratio - 28.7/28.9/42.4


Jess said...

WTG on the walking and your new goals! :) You sound so...PERKY! LOL

Becky said...

It's all the caffeine.

Jess said...

I <3 caffeine. It's the only way I get through the day.