Friday, February 27, 2009

ChaLean Extreme - Week 4 - Friday

Damn it, I had my entire day blogged and I hit the clear content button.

Burn Circuit 3 today - 1 set of 12 (or at least 10) to failure of the following:

sumo squat /w overhead press [10 lb dumbbells]
lunge w/ calf raise [15 lb dumbbells]
squat w/ lateral raise [7.5 lb dumbbells]
lunge w/ frontal press [10 lb dumbbells]
squat w/ calf raise [45 lb EZ Curl Bar]
sumo squat w/ deltoid raise [7.5 lb dumbbells]
squat w/ overhead press (+1 set of 3 presses, super slow) [10 lb dumbbells]
lunge w/ lateral raise [10 lb dumbbells] - up from last week!
extreme pushups - all 3 on my toes, but not super slow
sumo squat w/ calf raise (+1 set of 3 squats, super slow) [45 lb EZ Curl Bar]

I took another walk today - 2 miles in 32:40. I was going to go a third mile, but I'm breaking in new sneakers and my feet were a bit cranky.

6:35 AM - banana & cottage cheese

10:20 AM - apple w/ peanut butter, cottage cheese

3:50 PM - tuna fish & cheese sandwich, coffee w/ half-and-half & Splenda

6:00 PM - Corn Flakes (no milk); just a snack while I wait for my husband to get home for dinner

7:25 PM - tilapia, red beans & couscous w/ butter; this was the first time I've ever had couscous. It was good, and I'm learning that half a serving of pasta or rice can really go a long way.

Calories - 1625
Carbs - 173 (30 fiber)
Protein - 144
Fat - 48
C/P/F Ratio - 40.6/33.9/25.5


Sara said...

MMMMM! Couscous is AMZING isn't it! I am a huge fan! I have some tri-color couscous and about every flavor they make in a box with seasoning! Try "quinoa" if you liked the cc. I just tried it for the first time last night, it was delicious and oh-so-healthy! I love that you can actually see the sprout of the grain in it.

Becky said...

I bought some quinoa a couple weeks ago but haven't had a chance to make it. This week, probably.