Monday, February 23, 2009

ChaLean Extreme - Week 4 - Monday

Last week of Burn!!! Yay!

Burn Circuit 1 today. It consists of 1 set of 12 (or at least 10) to failure of the following:

sumo squat w/ hip lift [45 lb EZ Curl Bar]
lunge w/ posterior fly [7.5 lb dumbbells]
push up w/ leg lift - 8 on toes, 4 on knees
deadlift w/ posterior fly [7.5 lb dumbbells]
lunge w/ core rotation [20 lb dumbbell]
bench press w/ leg lower [50 lb EZ Curl Bar]
squat w/ side bend (+1 set of 3 squats, super slow) [25 lb dumbbells]
forward lean lunge w/ double arm posterior fly (+1 set of 3 flys, super slow) [7.5 lb dumbbells]
chest fly w/ hip lift (+1 set of 3 push ups, super slow) [15 lb dumbbells] - pushups on knees

I also walked to the library again. 1.5 miles in 25:30. That brings my California journey up to 10.5 miles. I absolutely loved it today. It was cold and windy and I was an idiot because I didn't make sure the hood on my hoodie had a draw string, so I had to try to hold my water bottle and my hood. But it was great. I remember waking up and actually looking forward to a walk, and it wasn't even a scheduled day for it. I was out and back before 9:30 AM so I still had plenty of time to get my morning stuff done. I created a playlist for my walks because I found myself messing around with my Zune to repeat certain songs. Oh, yes, I can't wait until tomorrow! The walk put me in SUCH a GREAT mood!!!!

6:40 AM - apple & cottage cheese

10:00 AM - turkey bacon, scrambled eggs w/ onion, green pepper & salsa, toast w/ butter, coffee w/ half-and-half & Splenda

2:55 PM - chicken salad w/ salsa & sour cream

5:45 PM - homemade chili w/ whole wheat sour cream biscuits (from Dawn Hall's Busy People's Low Carb Cookbook); I debated and debated whether or not I wanted to have chili. I was going to, then changed my mind (to have chicken breast & beans) but then I reminded myself that once in a while, it's okay to each chili. And the biscuits. Both were made from scratch with good ingredients. So I went ahead and had a bowl of chili. And several biscuits.  I did not enter these into my nutrition tracker, and now I'm tempted to eat something "bad" but I think I can resist.

7:50 PM - Honey Nut Cheerios w/ 2% milk; I will admit I ate a huge bowl (3 servings worth) but it was better than the chocolate alternative. And I logged this!

No numbers tonight.


Hayley said...

I just wanted to say thank you so much for posting the workouts you're doing right now! I take it you do them circuit-style where you just move from one exercise to the other? Is it 3 days of weights/week or more? What is the first one with the hip lift? It gives me a lot of good ideas for my clients..I like the circuit stuff and I think they do, too.

Hayley said...

Oh and WTG on not bingeing after the cereal!! MUCH better than downing a gallon of ice cream or something. :) You're so awesome Becky!

Becky said...

Sumo squat w/ hip lift - just do a really wide legged stance and squat/rise, then step your legs in a bit, and lift your hip up toward your rib cage. Kind of a side crunch, but not quite.

Yes, it's one exercise to the next. Some of them have the breakdown (the 3 super slow exercises) at the end of each. It's 3 days a week of weights, and each day is a different circuit.

Hayley said...

Oh ok...I was thinking that because we do hiplifts in Jazzercise, but i've never actually combined it with a squat before. Nice! Good way to throw in some abs. :)

Becky said...

The combinations Chalene has with this program are crazy. In the Lean Circuit, for example, she has you doing triceps kickbacks while in a runner's lunge.

Hayley said...

Yeah I kind of noticed that - I've never seen some of these exercises paired together before. Is it fairly easy to follow? How do you like it?

Becky said...

It is pretty easy to follow. I like it, but some of my smaller arm muscles are really weak, so it was disappointing at first to not be able to lift as heavy as I was with NROL. But then I realized that I'm going SO much slower with my movements that it's not that I'm wimpy - it's just totally different from pumping iron. And I think this has helped my form a lot.

Hayley said...

Yeah it's amazing what a difference cadence makes - it's good to change things up a bit anyway and I'm sure your arms will strengthen quite a bit!