Thursday, February 12, 2009

ChaLean Extreme - Week 2 - Thursday

Burn Intervals & Ab Burner today. They kicked my butt. The modified burpees in Burn Intervals blows hard. Ok, they are fine - I'm the one who sucks. Holy crap, I much prefer regular burpees. And don't get me started on Ab Burner - my core is crazy weak and I have a hard time getting through the 10 minute session. I need to do more core work, for sure. I'll figure out a plan.

Well now, shortly after writing about the need for more core work, I got this blog update from Craig Ballantyne, the dude who does Turbulence Training. I think I've found my answer.

Ugh! My mother-in-law just sent a Valentine's Day package for my son. It has a small container of Pringles and a small heart with chocolates in it. But that's not what's getting me. The bag of chocolate covered pretzels is! Holy crap! I saw that and I got this terrible jolt in my gut, and heart started racing. I could totally see myself opening the bag and eating the entire thing. I got mad that she'd send this stuff but then I realized she didn't do anything wrong. I have chocolate in the house all the time - there's a huge bag of chocolate chips in the pantry, ice cream in the freezer - and none of it bothers me. Heck, even I bought some chocolates for my son, and I haven't given them a second thought. But those pretzels...

8:05 AM - apple & cottage cheese

11:00 AM - leftover breaded chicken breast & broccoli, coffee w/ half-and-half & Splenda

11:50 AM - pumpkin carrot muffin; I am just so hungry!!! I did stop at one muffin though.

2:50 PM - tuna salad w/ light Italian dressing

3:45 PM - carrots; I'm so hungry.

5:45 PM - pizza cups (phyllo dough shells filled w/ turkey pepperoni, shredded mozzarella cheese, onion, garlic, & pizza sauce)

7:40 PM - peanut butter sandwich; ugh, I am so hungry!!!!!!!!!! I have GOT to get control of this hunger - I seriously feel like a bottomless pit. I know I'm still eating under maintenance levels and it probably wouldn't hurt to eat more.

Calories - 1597
Carbs - 160 (31 fiber)
Protein - 124
Fat - 58
C/P/F Ratio - 38.7/30/31.3


Jess said...

I'm there with you, Becky. My MIL just bought over a HUGE box of candy for the boys. Surprisingly enough, I haven't gotten those cravings YET, but I'm sure they will be soon to come. I think what's keeping them at bay tonight is the fact that I have my weigh-in tomorrow...

Hayley said...

Sorry it's been so long! I just wanted to check in and say hi. Sounds as though you are doing awesome!! :) :)