Saturday, February 14, 2009

ChaLean Extreme - Week 2 - Saturday

Today was Burn It Off and Recharge. Burpees suck.

Tami asked if I am sore from doing the workout so often, and I wanted to talk about that a bit. I was sore when I first started last week, in my upper body, because I hadn't been doing the fly and raise movements previously. The exercises in New Rules of Lifting hit multiple muscles, so there wasn't focus on my deltoids, which is really what bothered me when I started. The lower body exercises (squats & lunges) here are not strenuous at all. With NROL, I wasn't doing any direct calf work, so my calves were a tad sore last week. But now that I'm at the end of week 2, I don't have any soreness. Well, I take that back. I'm still working on my form, so as I get closer to proper form, the muscles are used differently (more correctly!) and they can be a bit tender. But I do each workout once a week, and I think Chalene designed it to hit different upper body muscles. I'm not sore now, but I exepct to be when I switch to the Push phase in a couple weeks because it's very different from the Burn phase. I am looking forward to it because Push doesn't have these combination moves. Plus, the reps are fewer. You know what that means - go heavy or go home! I am going as heavy as I can now for these little muscles, but Push is much more in my comfort zone.

10:00 AM - yogurt, coffee w/ half-and-half & Splenda

12:00 PM - lunch buffet; I did okay here. I am considering it a free meal. I didn't stuff myself but I ate what I wanted. And I remembered my last run in with the dessert bar and how crappy it made me feel, so I limited myself to half a cup of ice cream and one cookie.

1:30 PM - coffee w/ half-and-half & Splenda

6:15 PM - roast & broccoli w/ cheddar cheese; I wasn't really hungry, but it had been a long time since lunch

7:00 PM - coffee w/ half-and-half, Splenda & Baileys Irish cream liqueur

No numbers today.

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