Monday, March 24, 2008

Challenge 3 Day 64

I woke up around 2 AM completely nauseated. I had a hard time getting back to sleep, was having nightmares, and every time I woke up after that, I wanted to vomit. Even when I woke up for good, I figured I wouldn't be good for much. My horoscope for today said, "Whatever you may be feeling, you don't have to question it -- things could not be more obvious. The intensity may be a bit hard to take, but you should settle down in a few days at the most." This, along with my schedule this week, gave me the idea that a Tuesday-Sunday workout pattern will be good for the next three weeks. So, at first, I felt bed about not wanting to workout, since (other than being sick) I've never blown off a workout since I started BFL in August. Then I realized I'm not NOT working out - I'm just rearranging my schedule and no workouts will be skipped! I'll follow the Tuesday-Sunday schedule until after my inlaws leave, then go back when I start BGB.

I'm not really feeling all that well, so I'm just going to have another off day.

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