Monday, March 3, 2008

Challenge 3 Day 43

Weight training is getting harder and harder, and I love it! I bought some lifting straps over the weekend and it's made my deadlifts and rows so much easer to grip. I bumped the weight again for some things, and did 3x5 today:

goblet squats (32.5 lbs)
deadlifts (68lbs)
Arnies (25 lbs)*
lat pulls (68 lbs)
dumbbell rows (30 lbs)*
dumbbell bench presses (25 lbs)*

*same as last week

I'll move up to 3x6 of everything (except Arnies and presses - they will stay 3x5 all week) on Wednesday, then 3x7 on Friday, probably. Squats are getting a bit rough, holding the dumbbell the way I do, so I may move to barbell squats soon. I'm buying some 25 pound plates next weekend for deadlifts (so I have more smaller plates to work with on the dumbbells). I may go ahead and start Baby Got Back because of the way it's split, and I won't have to spend so much time per workout loading and unloading weights.

Food was good today, even though I was pretty hungry. I kept it legal, even with the junk food in the house.

homemade protein bar (pre and post workout)

chicken breast
whole wheat pasta

mozzarella cheese sticks

coffee w/ cream
chicken breast
green beans

cottage cheese
coffee w/ cream

fortified French toast

mozzarella cheese sticks

Calories - 1508
Carbs - 135 (24 fiber)
Protein - 159
Fat - 44
C/P/F Ratio - 34.3/40.4/25.3

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