Sunday, January 23, 2011

Starting Strength/Turbo Fire - Week 4 - Saturday & Sunday

Nothing to see here...this post is just a place holder. My 12-week bulk starts tomorrow. I started eating for it this weekend. I finally settled on a routine, with some minor modifications.

12 Week 4 Day Split (all 5x5)

chin up
db calf raise
reverse db calf raise
bb military press
lat db raise
rear delt bb row
db skull crusher

negative pull up
chest dip
bb good morning
bb squat
bb shrug

stability ball jack knife (5x20)
HIIT (no longer than 20 minutes)

db bicep curl
bb calf raise
single-leg db calf raise
front delt db raise
lat db raise
rear delt bb row
standing db tricep extension

bent over bb row
incline db bench press
stiff leg bb dead lift
bb lunge
bb shrug

plank/side plank
HIIT (no longer than 20 minutes)

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