Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Starting Strength/Turbo Fire - Week 4 - Tuesday

I had an apple [0] after I blogged last night.

squat 4x5x115 lbs
bent over barbell row 3x8x65 lbs
glute ham raise 5x10 - I really dislike these. I wish I had a machine to do them on, instead of the stability ball. The ball is anything but stable.

I had a bit of...not pain, but discomfort in my right quad when I squatted. I warmed up and stretched a bit but it stayed with me through the whole workout, so I took it kind of easy on the depth. Still, I felt too uncomfortable to do the fifth set, so I didn't. I am disappointed but I'm going to be starting something new on Monday and need to be 100% for that.

I never know how many APs to take for strength training. It's intense but doesn't take long. I guess I'll take 1. After the weights, I did some HIIT on my own, various moves. I warmed up for 3 minutes, then did 5 cycles of 60 seconds work, 60 seconds recovery, then a 2 minute cool down, for a total of 108 calories burned. I was taking it easy because of my leg. And I was annoyed that I couldn't get my interval timer working. So, I guess for everything I will take 2 activity points.

apple [0] & cottage cheese [6]
baked oatmeal [6] w/ banana [0]
carrot sticks [0] & cheese [4]
chicken breast [5] w/ mashed sweet potatoes [3] w/ olive oil [1]
hard boiled egg [2] w/ green pepper slices [0]
apple [0] & cottage cheese [2]

Two coffees w/ skim milk [2] and several teas. I used all my daily and activity points. I could have eaten some more vegetable, but I got 5 of fruit/vegetable. I eat too much fruit, not enough vegetables.

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