Saturday, January 1, 2011

Starting Strength/Turbo Fire - Week 1 - Saturday

Weigh in day for a new year - 128.5. So I lost 6 pounds in 2010. I did measurements and some were up, some were down from the last time. You'd think after taking measurements for 3+ years I'd be more confident in my abilities. Maybe I don't take them enough. I should buckle down and do them monthly, rather than every 3-6 months.

On to the workout.

front squat 1x3x45 lbs, 4x3x55 lbs - I really freaking hate these. Fortunately, I don't do them every week.
barbell bench press 1x1x85 lbs - It took me forever to figure this out. I spent more time adjusting weights than doing the lift. I started with 105 pounds and just moved down from there. I didn't want to tire myself with "lower" weights so I went backwards.
dead lift 1x5x125 lbs - Heaviest to date, and only 3.5 pounds under body weight. Not impressive but I will take it.

Interesting workout, the rep scheme, I mean. Quick, too. I followed up with HIIT 15 from Turbo Fire, then did some stretching on my own. I burned 126 calories. For everything, I'm going to take 2 activity points.

apple [0] & cottage cheese [3]
cheese [2] omelet [3] w/ sauteed [1] onions, green peppers & garlic [0] & sweet hot sauce [1], toast w/ butter [3]
banana [0] & part of a Pop Tart [3]
risotto [9] & bear loin in phyllo dough [10]
cheese [2]

30 ounces of water, two coffees w/ milk [2] and several teas. I used all of my daily and activity points, and have 37 weekly points remaining.


Jess said...

Great weigh-in! :) I know you only lost 6 lbs. for the year but it's those last 10-20 lbs. that are the hardest to lose and I personally think you're doing awesome and that you look great!

How is your mouth doing? I haven't heard you mention that for a little while and I was just thinking about that the other day...

Becky said...


My mouth is great. I had no pain after the first day. I don't always wear my partial, which means I'm not getting used to it, but now that I have to go back to work, I will be wearing it daily. I have a hard time eating with it but I'm going to try some adhesive. I can't wait to get the permanent denture so I can upgrade to a better material. I have acrylic right now, but I want to get the new flexible shit they make.

Jess said...

That's good news. I figured that there'd be some pain for a while and that the partial would be really uncomfortable. I'm glad to hear it isn't and all is going well. :)