Sunday, January 2, 2011

Starting Strength/Turbo Fire - Week 1 - Sunday

I had some green pepper slices [0] and a banana [0] after I blogged last night.

Since Sunday is my "official" weigh in day, I weighed in and I'm up half a pound. I can't break this plateau. I think I am going to start eating more of my weekly points. I don't think I'm overeating. So I am going to spread them out a bit throughout the week, and aim to eat at least 3 per day.

baked oatmeal [6] & banana [0]
cheese [2] omelet [3] w/ sauteed [1] onions & peppers [0] and sweet hot sauce [1], toast [3] w/ butter [2]
dark chocolate [2]
peanut butter banana smoothie [7]
cheeseburger [15] w/ brown rice [6]

Two coffees w/ milk [2] and several teas. I blew through my daily points, for sure, met my GHGs and have 16 weekly points going unused. I feel like a pig, but I was hungry.


Melty said...

I'm interested to see how this works for you (eating more points). I feel like I"m eating more on this program and I'm concerned on how that is going to reflect on the scale. Do you eat your APs first? Maybe eat your weeklies first and try not to eat the APs.

Becky said...

I do eat my APs first because it becomes too much of a pain in the ass to manage two sets of numbers every day, adjusting the WP down and the AP up.

I find myself not wanting to eat any extras. I don't eat any differently now than I did before, really. I eat fewer carbs on most days but volume-wise, I think I eat about the same. I know I don't eat as many vegetables as I was eating. I'd rather have fruit and because it's free, I do, but I'm so carb sensitive, I think I need to cut back on the fruit and eat more vegetables.

Katie said...

Hi. You have some GREAT info & Ideas. I am starting this challenege Monday and super nervous! Thansk for sharing.