Monday, January 24, 2011

Bulk Cycle 1 - Week 1 - Monday

I'm so excited and nervous to do this. I hope I can stick to my food plan - still following Weight Watchers, just eating at maintenance levels (35 daily points) and all of my weeklies (49 points) and any activity points I earn (I will probably give myself 2-3 points per workout for PROTEIN, not junk).

chin up 5x5 - 2 unassisted and 3 negatives in each set
db calf raise 5x5x35 lbs
reverse db calf raise 5x5x35 lbs
bb military press 5x5x55 lbs
lat db raise 2x5x10 lbs, 3x10x12.5 lbs
rear delt bb row 5x5x55 lbs
db skull crusher 1x5x10 lbs, 4x5x15 lbs

My hands ache from holding the bars, especially for the calf raises. I had a hard time balancing with the reverse calf raises. I know I will like the barbell calf raises on Thursdays much more than these. Next week, I will increase the row to 60 lbs. With warm up, the workout took about 45 minutes, but there's probably a good 15 minutes of resting between sets. I tried to alternate upper and lower body to cut back on down time. So, let's say 30 minutes of work - 2 activity points. 

I don't know what I'm doing wrong but I am not sure I feel completely fatigued when I'm done. When I'm lifting, it doesn't feel like I can go heavier - I struggle with the last rep. Then I finish the workout and feel like I should do more. One thing I'm going to try, that I often remind myself to do anyway, is to do the moves slower and create my own tension. Every time I lift weights, I remember Chalene Johnson in ChaLean Extreme talking about making things harder by doing that.

baked oatmeal [6] & hard boiled egg [2]
cheese [2] omelet [5] w/ avocado [3] & tomato [0]
apple [0] & cottage cheese [6]
vegetarian chili [5] 
salad [0] w/ vegetarian chili [5]
almonds [8] & orange [0]

20 ounces of water, two coffees w/ skim milk [2] and several teas. I ate all of my daily and activity points, and 7 of my weekly points, leaving 42 weekly points. I'm going to try to spread those weeklies out evenly.

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