Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Starting Strength/Turbo Fire - Week 4 - Wednesday

Busy, busy, very long day today. I packed my lunch bag well, since I'd be spending the entire mother effing day at the school.

mandarin orange [0] & cottage cheese [6]
baked oatmeal [6] w/ banana [0], skim milk [2]
protein granola bar [4]
baked potato [5]
cheese [2] omelet [3], homemade sandwich thin [3] w/ olive oil [2]

I'm completely out of coffee and I'm not sure if I'm going to buy anymore just yet, because next month, I'm trying a no artificial sweeteners challenge. I drank a lot of tea today. I used all of my daily points, didn't get enough vegetables, and I have 41 weekly points remaining.


Melty said...

You've got a lot of carbs going on there. I noticed I have too this past week. I don't think I'll do well on the scale on Saturday which is a bummer because I was going to suggest a brunch on Sunday. Now I'm thinking maybe I shouldn't.

Becky said...

I know. I'm having a hard time figuring out what I can bring to work that's higher in protein that I can actually eat. I can't bring meat because I can't chew it. Same thing with raw vegetables. I can't wear my partial with adhesive when I go to work when I eat everything in sight. But it bites me in the ass because I also can't eat my protein and vegetables very well.

I kind of hate this free fruit thing. It tells me it's okay to eat them when I should be eating vegetables.

Melty said...

Hard boiled eggs? Cheese sticks? Have you tried kefir? Deli meat? Canned tuna? IDK.

Becky said...

You did not just suggest I eat deli meat!

You'd think, working in a cafeteria, I'd have better access to prep and storage for my breakfast/lunch/snack but I don't.

I'm taking hard boiled eggs today. I would have taken them yesterday but I was having eggs for dinner. I have no problem eating eggs all damn day but then someone would give me shit about eating so many eggs. You'd be amazed how many people email me or send Spark mail criticizing how I eat.

Melty said...

hehe! I knew you'd call me on that. Unfortunately I do eat deli meat. :(

I think you are an amazing eater. You do the best you can. That's better than 70% of the people out there so screw the haters.