Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bulk Cycle 1 - Week 1 - Tuesday

negative pull up 5x5 - My arms were so sore from yesterday, I could not do a wide grip and had to go neutral.
chest dip 5x5 - I could not go down very far at all. My goal is to get to parallel by the end of this cycle.
bb good morning 5x5x65 lbs - I love these. I'll go heavier next week.
bb squat 5x5x115 lbs
bb shrug 5x5x85 lbs
stability ball jack knife 5x20 - OMG. DY.ING!

I was going to follow up my leg workouts with some short HIIT but I've changed my mind. I may do some bike riding or walking when it warms up but for now, I'm not doing any formal cardio. So, 2 activity points for the weights.

banana [0]
vegetarian chili [5] & broccoli [0]
baked oatmeal [6] & hard boiled egg [2]
chicken breast [7], raw vegetables [0] w/ hummus [5]
apple [0] & cottage cheese [6]
almonds [10] & cheese [2]

20 ounces of water, two coffees w/ skim milk [2] and several teas. I really struggled to use all my points today, hence the almonds and cheese. Eating this much healthy food is hard! I did end up going 1 point over my plan but that's okay. I have 34 weekly points remaining. 

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