Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jillian Kicks My Butt - Week 4 - Thursday

Turbulence Training Workout 1A:

superset pairs - no rest between sets, 1 minute rest between pairs

db step up (per side) - 3x6x20
inverted row - 3x6xbodyweight

db sumo squat - 3x8x30
db row - 3x8x30

side plank (per side) - 20 seconds
stationary lunge chop (per side) - 3x8x15; I actually did the first set with 20 pounds and it was too much.

Biggest Loser Men's Intervals, High Intensity Cardio & Cool Down Stretch - 40 minutes and 211 calories. I haven't decided whether or not I'm sore today. My shoulder is still bothering me from last week (I have no idea what I did to it) and I'm completely exhausted. I think that's because I got to sleep so late last night. I still feel really bloated, especially in the abdomen. I look and feel 6 months pregnant.

I've downloaded about six months of back podcasts from Jillian Michaels. I seriously love her stuff. She clears up SO many misconceptions about fitness and nutrition. She should be mandatory listening for everyone.

5:15 AM - Kashi cereal w/ skim milk

7:00 AM - Kashi cereal w/ skim milk; There was just a little bit left in the box and I'm going to have a crazy morning, so I ate it.

9:00 AM - yogurt & mandarin oranges, hb eggs

11:45 AM - raw cucumbers, green peppers & baby carrots

3:00 PM - pepper jack cheese on flat bread wrap

3:30 PM - homemade beef jerky; I had no idea about the nutritional info of this (it's made fresh) so I just picked the default jerky option in my tracker.

6:00 PM - crescent rolls, shrimp & mixed vegetables

Calories - 1713
Carbs - 186 (31 fiber)
Protein - 115
C/P/F Ratio - 43.2/26.8/30

Two cups of coffee and 128 ounces of water.

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Gina said...

Thanks for the comment, you're sweet! I am a Jillian Michael's fan, I had no idea she had a podcast, that's awesome!!