Monday, May 11, 2009

Jillian Kicks My Butt - Week 2 - Monday

Today's exercise was Level 1 of 30 Day Shred and Banish Fat Boost Metabolism. For tracking my heart rate, I've decided to stop the monitor completely in between videos, rather than just pause it. For Shred, I burned 157 calories in 26 minutes. For BFBM, I burned 372 calories in 53 minutes. I busted my ass today, and there were still some exercises that I can't do. The jump squats and plie hops and scissor kicks suck sweaty balls, I'm telling you!! I hate these. Burpees have graduated to something to look forward to compared to these! Oh, and by the way, Jillian's "burpees" are really just squat thrusts. Burpees have jumps at the end of the rep. She mentions a jump and has one of her girls do it once or twice, but for the most part, they are squat thrusts and not true burpees. I do burpees.

I did some house cleaning this morning, then wanted to walk to the post office but the threat of rain kept me home. That, and the complete ass-whooping Jillian gave me today.

I woke up a few minutes late today. I had to scarf down some breakfast, and I should have eaten more because I was so nauseated and light-headed during my exercise.

I did follow through and eat one serving of ice cream last night, with those homemade cookies. And I was thoroughly disgusted with myself. Even though the cookies are healthy and I only had one serving of ice cream, I asked myself what the hell I was doing. Here I am, 17 pounds from goal, and I'm slacking off. I was worried that if I stopped tracking, I'd turn it into something I couldn't handle. I didn't get any cravings or anything, but this is the hardest phase of my weight loss, and I can't piss it away by eating ice cream. I need to buckle down and focus. That doesn't mean I can't have treats - I just need to limit them. I don't need one every day. So, I'm going to aim for every third day or maybe even just twice a week. I want to look back at the end of the summer and be able to say I did everything I possibly could to get this weight off. I don't expect to lose all 17 pounds by the end of the summer. It would be nice, but I'm a realist. This is not some quick fix for me. I have to keep reminding myself that I can keep the weight off if I do this right.

5:20 AM - Fiber One cereal w/ skim milk

9:00 AM - turkey bacon, toast (1 piece, no butter), omelet w/ onion, green pepper, low fat cream cheese & salsa

12:25 PM - grilled chicken breast salad w/ sour cream & salsa

2:45 PM - almonds, apple & cottage cheese

6:10 PM - half a fish stick, mozzarella string cheese; I needed something to hold me off until dinner. I really wish I could bring myself to eat dinner without my husband but I can't, even if we're eating different things.

7:30 PM - grilled chicken breast w/ black beans & sour cream/mustard sauce

Two cups of coffee, 140 ounces of water today, and one cup of green tea.

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Hayley said...

Do NOT beat yourself up over the ice cream and cookie. You said in your post last night that you were going to have it, you measured it out and that was that. Be nice to yourself! It's's not like it was a binge or anything. I still think you're doing great and eating like a "normal" person. Nice job on the workout! I'm laughing at the "sweaty balls." LOL..