Saturday, May 9, 2009

Jillian Kicks My Butt - Week 1 - Saturday

Turbulence Training Workout 1A:

superset pairs - no rest between sets, 1 minute rest between pairs

db step up (per side) - 3x6x20
inverted row - 3x6xbodyweight

db sumo squat - 3x8x25
db row - 3x8x25

side plank (per side) - 10 seconds
stationary lunge chop (per side) - 3x8x15

For some reason, I don't have the guts to use my pull up bar and do chin ups (even 1) instead of inverted rows. It's scary. I think I'm worried the 1 attempt will make me not want to do the inverted rows, which are pretty difficult as it is!

I followed up my strength training with Turbo Jam's 20 Minute Workout. This was a completely last minute decision I made last night as I prepped all of my equipment. Since I didn't burn as many calories as I expected to on the second run of some of these workouts, I felt like I needed to make up for it. That's crazy, though! I'm getting more cardio than I ever have and I suddenly feel like it's not enough?

Anyway, the 20 Minute Workout burned 141 calories.

After Turbo Jam, I did all 3 levels of Biggest Loser Yoga. I really wish I'd previewed this video completely, but yoga is as boring to watch as it is to do. I don't know what I was expecting but I didn't enjoy this at all, especially Level 2 (which is ab work) and Level 3 (which incorporates strength training). I want just some straight yoga and stretching, more like the Recharge dvd in the ChaLean Extreme set. I think I'll check out some other videos on Netflix to see if there's anything I like, or I'll watch the yoga video from P90X. If all else fails, I will do Level 1 of the Biggest Loser Yoga and ChaLean Extreme's Recharge.

Oh, the Yoga burned 164 calories in 62 minutes.

6:45 AM - Fiber One cereal w/ skim milk

9:30 AM - whole grain waffles w/ protein frappucino; I totally made this up LOL Well, it's not like it's all that original or difficult. I love the Starbucks Fraps, but they are practically sugar. And I needed a protein to go with my waffle carbs. I put some strong cold coffee (about 3/4 cup), a cup of skim milk, and a scoop of vanilla whey protein powder in the blender with a few drops of Splenda and some ice cubes. It was pretty good. You could probably make it mocha by using chocolate protein powder but I'm not a fan of chocolate coffee.

1:00 PM - grilled chicken breast & sauteed green beans & onion

2:10 PM - mozzarella string cheese, almonds, mandarin oranges; I'm just starving even though I just ate!

5:00 PM - banana, 2 homemade whole wheat sour cream cookies, 1 meatball & 2 baby corns; I was cooking for my guys while I decided what to eat and ended up grazing.

5:40 PM - chicken sandwich w/ pepper jack cheese

No coffee (unless you count the profrap - this could be why I'm exhausted!) and 140 ounces water. I am going to bed early.

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