Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Jillian Kicks My Butt - Week 3 - Tuesday

Turbulence Training Workout 1A:

superset pairs - no rest between sets, 1 minute rest between pairs

db step up (per side) - 3x6x20
inverted row - 3x6xbodyweight; I'm a little bit disappointed in myself. I intended to move from body rows to assisted or negative chin ups, and I had a really hard time with those, so I went back to inverted rows. I don't get it. I can do a chin up every time I walk by the bar, but I can't do multiples and assisteds and negatives are too hard to do in sets of 6. I'll try again next time I do this workout (Saturday) but man, I was really hoping to progress. On a positive note, my inverted rows were all straight-legged instead of with knees bent.

db sumo squat - 3x8x30
db row - 3x8x25

side plank (per side) - 15 seconds
stationary lunge chop (per side) - 3x8x15

Biggest Loser Men's Intervals, then High Intensity Cardio, followed by the Cool Down Stretch segment, for 40 minutes and 202 calories. I missed my daily goal by 48 calories. Blech.

5:15 AM - apple & cottage cheese

7:00 AM - Fiber One cereal w/ skim milk

10:30 AM - turkey bacon, toast (2 pieces) w/ cream cheese, scrambled eggs w/ onion, green pepper & salsa

12:40 PM - yogurt

2:15 PM - stew meat & black beans

5:35 PM - vegetable salad w/ light balsamic vinaigrette dressing

8:30 PM - grilled cheese sandwich

Four cups of coffee and 80 ounces of water. I was not in a water drinking mood at all today and it's been chilly and windy and I was so tired all day.

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Jess said...

I think everyone is blah right now. I know I am...

I am still thoroughly impressed by your chin-ups! :)