Saturday, March 21, 2009

ChaLean Extreme - Week 6 - Saturday

No ChaLean Extreme workout today. My toe is better but it still hurts to put too much pressure on it. It doesn't make burpees very comfortable. I did manage to get in a late afternoon walk, 4 miles in 1:03:30.

I did have something I wanted to blog about, related to emotional eating, but I'm in a pissy mood right now and can't concentrate. I'm not reaching for food though, so that's something. Food is the last thing I want right now. I'll try to get to the topic sometime in the next few days. Tomorrow, we go whale watching.

8:45 AM - ricotta pancakes w/ syrup, coffee w/ half-and-half & Splenda

11:30 AM - bacon ranch grilled chicken salad from McDonalds

3:00 PM - apple & cottage cheese

4:55 PM - tilapia sandwich w/ homemade tartar sauce, green beans

7:30 PM - coffee w/ half-and-half & Splenda

Calories - 1381
Carbs - 115 (20 fiber)
Protein - 123
Fat - 50
C/P/F Ratio - 32.9/35.2/31.9


Sara said...

UHG! I seecond your "pissy mood". I can't seem to shake mine either! Yucky.

Anyhow, good for you for not reaching for the food to help out, that's a true sign of growth! You should feel good about that :)

I realized I haven't even talked to you about your toe! I see it's better but not 100%. I bet it'll be a bit sore tomorrow since you walked so far on it today. I hope it gets better sona ndlets you resume your regularly scheduled program, lol!

I can't wait read your commentary on your "whale watching" videos tomorrow. I hate that you referr to yourself that way, but atthe same time it cracked me right up :D

Thanks for being an inspiration my friend!

Jess said...

I'm in a great mood! :) I should be after a night of good food, good drinks, dancing, and some good lovin. :D

Enough about me though. I hope you have fun whale watching today. I've always wanted to do that and I'm jealous that you get to. Hope you take lots of pics and that it perks your mood up.

You are doing SO great with your food battles! You are my hero! :)

Hope your toe gets to feeling better. Injuries suck. My knees are finally feeling a little better but I'm bummed that I lost a whole week of working out on the elliptical and/or running because of it. I have just got to learn my limits and stick to them to avoid this crap in the future.

Becky said...

Jess - I'm not going actual whale watching. I meant would post my pics today, instead of blogging about that emotional eating article. Don't worry though - you aren't the only one who thought I was going out on a boat to see some marine animals.

Sara - you were right about my toe being sore this morning. It's fine now but it's so stiff when I wake up.

Jess said...

Oh. I should know you by now, huh? :P It will be a good self-esteem booster for you though to see the comparison from then versus now. Can't wait to see the pictures and/or videos!