Monday, March 16, 2009

ChaLean Extreme - Week 6 - Monday

Push Circuit 1 - 1 set of 8 (or at least 6) to failure of the following:

standard bicep curl [40 lb EZ curl bar]
standard squat [65 lb barbell]
single-arm bent over triceps extension [10 lb dumbbell]
v-press bicep curl (+1 set of 3 regular curls, super slow) [10 lb dumbbells]
single leg squat (+1 set of 3, super slow) [40 lb EZ curl bar]
overhead triceps extension (+1 set of 3, super slow) [15 lb dumbbells]
hammer bicep curl (+1 set of 3, super slow) [15 lb dumbbells]
heel squat (+1 set of 3, super slow) [65 lb barbell]
push ups (+1 set of 3, super slow) - all on my knees

Holy hell. My son was watching some videos I shot of him, when he was not even 2, and that would have put me at my heaviest weight ever. YOU CAN FREAKING TELL!!!!!!!!!!! Holy shit! I am never, ever, EVER letting myself get that heavy again. Oh my God, watching myself makes me want to hide in a corner. Holy shit. I did not realize I was such a whale!!! I am so ashamed, but at the same time, I'm laughing my ass off. How did I let that happen?? NEVER EVER AGAIN!

On a related note, I still have not taken the tags off my new clothes. I am not comfortable in them at all. They are cute and stylish and absolutely NOT ME. I tried them on for my husband and he loved them but this isn't about him. This is about me and my comfort level. I'm not ready for new clothes. I think I'm going to hold on to them until close to the 90 day return limit, then exchange them for smaller sizes.

6:30 AM - apple & cottage cheese

10:35 AM - scrambled eggs w/ onion, green pepper & salsa, turkey bacon, toast, coffee w/ half-and-half & Splenda

12:25 PM - homemade protein bar

2:55 PM - chicken breast & green beans, sour cream & chocolate chip cookie; Just one cookie this time :)

5:45 PM - round steak w/ mixed vegetables

6:35 PM - sour cream & chocolate chip cookies; I have to stop making these :( I only had 2, but I want more. Forget all the M&Ms and crackers and pudding and other junk I have in the house. I WANT THESE!

Calories - 1413
Carbs - 135 (22 fiber)
Protein - 131
Fat - 36
C/P/F Ratio - 38.9/37.8/23.4


Jess said...

As much as it pains us to look at stuff like that, it is a good reminder of where we came from.

I was going to lecture you about the clothes but you have a good point. If you're going to lose more weight and then exchange them, I guess you get a free pass this time. :oP

Sara said...

Aww :( That's so dissapointing to hear. I think you deserve those clothes in those exact sizes. If you live your life waiting until you are smaller, smaller will never come. I think you should celebrate how far you've come now, right now. You know you have changed your body, from those videos you saw. So reward yourself for your huge accomplishments. I can understand clothes not being your style, but what are you gonna wear when you decide you are finally "smaller"? My bet is you will STILL wear those big XL T's and baggy jeans. It's not even about those specific Gap clothes or those specific dollars you spent on them. It's about you needing to know that you DO deserve to look cute and stylish, and not just when you are "smaller".

My advice~Keep the clothes and ROCK THEM! Live out side your box, it's an adventure and FUN!

Jess said...

I almost forgot...where are the pictures???

I am totally with Sara for me personally. Sure, I don't like spending money on clothes I know I won't wear for very long but I look for deals and get stuff on clearance. I want to be able to "see" the fruits of my labor. When I wear my bigger clothes, I don't look like I've lost much weight at all but as soon as I put something on that fits me, it's like BAM! You can definitely tell.

But hey...that's just me and you have to do what makes you feel comfortable. If you are a jeans and t-shirt kind of woman, then get those. But you really need to get rid of the clothes that are too big. I did and it's SO liberating! :)

Becky said...

I'll work on getting some of that video online, then when I get my camera back, I'll have DH take new pics, then I will put everything in my blog. Except the underwear shots. Jeez, it's bad enough that I have to look at those.

Sara, I'm sorry I disappointed you. Today's blog will make up for that. :)

Sara said...

All is forgiven! Not like you have to answer to me or anything, ever. Sometimes friends have to give it to friends straight!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new blog! I am SO happy and PROUD of you!!!!

Jess said...

LOL! I wasn't expecting you to post those. :oP

Off to comment on your MySpace blog...