Friday, March 20, 2009

ChaLean Extreme - Week 6 - Friday

Push Circuit 3 - 1 set of 8 (or at least 6) to failure of the following:

sumo squat [70 lb barbell]
single-arm row [25 lb dumbbell]
chest fly [15 lb dumbbells]
bowler's lunge (+1 set of 3, super slow) [15 lb dumbbells]
double-arm bent-over row (+1 set of 3, super slow) [25 lb dumbbells] - I switched back to dbs instead of the curl bar to try to get more shoulder blade squeezing
bench press (+1 set of 3, super slow) [65 lb barbell] - I hit failure at 7 but this was 15 pounds more than I intended to do when I woke up this morning
single-leg sumo squat (+1 set of 3, super slow) [20 lb dumbbells]
reverse-grip bent-over row (+1 set of 3, super slow) [20 lb dumbbells] - same as the other row
long-arm pullover (+1 set of 3, super slow) [20 lb dumbbell]

My toe is no better today. In fact, I think it must be worse. I couldn't do proper single-leg squats because putting any pressure on the front of my foot sucks. Same with the bowler's lunge. It's so sore, I am not doing my regular work out. I'll have to find something that's completely low/non impact. I can walk, with a limp, so I might do that, but I have tons of grocery shopping stops to make tomorrow (I'm making a price book, so I have to hit 3 different stores, at least, and make note of the prices of things I buy regularly), so I might just leave it at that. The Biggest Loser dvd has a low impact workout - I will have to run through that today and see if it will work for tomorrow. I hate to do nothing on a regularly scheduled exercise day.

I frustrate myself. I'm considering going back to New Rules of Lifting when summer is over, and I've completed 30 Day Shred. Actually, depending on timing, I might be able to start NROL before summer ends. It depends on how long it takes me to get through Shred. I'm still made at myself for not seeing the whole year through, but after 6 months, I needed a break. I honestly didn't think I'd miss it, but intended to return to it again some day. So many programs, so little time. That's how it feels, even though I have the rest of my life.

I think I need to clarify something I said yesterday. When I said I'm jealous of the binge eaters who say Atkins has helped them, I meant that as I wish I could find something that really helps me not want to binge. I'm not jealous of binge eaters - I AM a binge eater. I'm jealous of those who have found a way to control it, of the ones who say they don't even think about a binge because I do every single day. As I was eating my two pieces of chocolate last night, I thought about how absolutely wonderful it tasted and about how I could so easily eat the remaining 4 pieces I had.

6:40 AM - apple & cottage cheese

9:20 AM - ricotta cheese pancakes w/ syrup, honey nut Cheerios w/ skim milk, coffee w/ half-and-half & Splenda; I'm working on reducing the Splenda again.

12:30 PM - tuna salad w/ light Italian dressing

3:15 PM - carrots & mozzarella string cheese

5:40 PM - chicken & peas cous cous, homemade garlic bread

9:00 PM - air-popped popcorn

Calories - 1528
Carbs - 185 (29 fiber)
Protein - 121
Fat - 34
C/P/F Ratio - 48.2/31.6/20.2

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Hayley said...

Becky I am right there with you on the binge eating. I get so damn tired of thinking about food all the's so freaking frustrating. I am envious of my SIL who had a baby 7 months ago, is at her thinnest and has to FORCE herself to eat because she forgets. on top of that, she eats junk!! She's not one of these people that never had to worry about her weight either - she used to be way more obsessive but now that she has a baby her mind is occuppied. Oh to find something ELSE in life!!