Saturday, March 7, 2009

ChaLean Extreme - Break Week - Saturday

In my comments in my Blogger blog I posted a link to a Craig Ballantyne workout, but I should have used this one, because his first exercise really makes the lady place tingle!

I think I'm asking for trouble. Leaving the grocery store today, I saw some Girl Scouts. What do Girl Scouts do? They sell cookies. I bought 2 boxes - Thin Mints & Dulce de Leche. I love Thin Mints - they are my favorite cookie in the whole world. I've never had Dulce de Leche before. Both boxes are in my freezer with all the M&Ms I bought last month. I really need to develop a plan for eating those. Like the small bag of M&Ms I still have, I won't touch any of these unless I have a plan. And now that I've blogged it, you know it's true! I might binge on something, but it won't be those. It might be the Fiber One toaster pastries I bought. I'm kidding. I did buy some, because they were a great deal and I'm learning to coupon and stockpile. There's a lot of stuff I could get with coupons that we won't eat (such as frozen foods). So I don't know why I bought the toaster pastries. I'm worried this will start me down that frozen/processed foods stockpiling path, and I don't want that. I have several (maybe 6 or 7) boxes of cereal - none with the sugary stuff, just Cherrios & Kashi. So, maybe I'll consider the pastries the same way I do the M&Ms and Girl Scout cookies. No particular plan for the Fiber Ones, but one rule: I can have no more than 1 pastry per day. Well, I guess that is a plan.

I really want to make some of the sour cream chocolate chip cookies I made a few weeks ago, but I'm afraid of overeating them and tomorrow is a weigh in day. Of course, with all the sodium from today, I doubt I'll show a loss. I feel very bloated. Maybe I should just make them. I could always experiment with protein powder to make them a little friendlier for me. I have some cookies & cream powder that I haven't tested yet.

7:30 AM - apple & cottage cheese, coffee w/ half-and-half & Splenda

11:10 AM - turkey pepperoni & mozzarella string cheese; Not the best choice for a meal, but I was hungry and in a mad rush after grocery shopping all morning. Hello, sodium.

2:20 PM - peanut butter sandwich

4:45 PM - carrots & 1.5 chicken nuggets that my son didn't finish (not the McD's kind, and I didn't log them)

6:45 PM - chicken breast & green beans

9:00 - chicken sandwich w/ cheese & mustard

Calories - 1490
Carbs - 141 (26 fiber)
Protein - 133
Fat - 47
C/P/F Ratio - 37/35/28

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Sara said...

You mentioned McDonald's. Thanks alot. The beast just grew a bit more...