Saturday, September 20, 2008

NROL - Week 7 - Saturday

I got on the Wii Fit for a Body Test today. I've lost 3.5 pounds since the last time I used the Fit (about 24 days ago). Yay. Of course, I don't rely too much on the Fit's data because I'm usually on it at different times of the day and conditions are never consistent. I need to actually use the thing.

There's leftover soup today. It seems like a bottomless pot! I only used 2 servings of pasta, 12 ounces of frozen vegetables, and about 24 ounces of chicken. It's gone a long, long way! I had a bowl last night, my husband had two bowls. I estimated (fairly accurately, IMO) the calories in the entire thing and it was about 1200. I had one serving yesterday and two today. Not bad at all, I think.

7:45 AM - coffee w/ cream & Splenda

8:25 AM - eggs w/ chipotle sauce, turkey bacon, toast w/ butter; eaten on couch; I know it was a little much for one meal but I've been craving some toast w/ butter

12:00 PM - chicken soup; eaten on couch; I had two bowls and there's still some left for dinner.

2:30 PM - chicken soup, eaten at desk, I ate the rest, about a full bowl

5:00 PM - apple & cottage cheese; eaten at desk; I feel like it's pointless to keep logging what I eat in my tracker, but I guess I'll stick with it for the day

6:45 PM - tuna wrap w/ cheese, mayo, celery & chipotle sauce; eaten at desk; I also licked some peanut butter and nutella off my finger after I made my son a sandwich - it wasn't much at all though

No numbers today because of the soup.

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