Friday, September 12, 2008

NROL - Week 6 - Friday

Cardio was not going to happen at all today but I sucked it up. I did the Turbo Jam 20 Minute Workout. I was out of sync, even though I ate beforehand. I followed up with another Tabata, same thing I did Monday. It was so freaking awesome!! I felt great after finishing Round 8!! Wiped out, but great.

I have a few more pats on the back to give myself. I went grocery shopping today and it was tempting to buy myself a candy bar. I didn't. On the way home, there was an open bag of grapes at the top of my grocery pile, and I almost plucked on out, but I stopped myself. One grape would not have been too bad, but I knew if I started eating the grapes, I would have kept going. Right now, I'm still in the stage of really needing to measure my food and I was worried that if I had any unknowns in my day, it would throw me off track. And by the time I got home, I forgot all about the grapes.

6:40 AM - apple & cottage cheese; eaten on couch; I was not really hungry but I needed something so I didn't crash during cardio

8:55 AM - sweet potato muffins; eaten on couch; I probably shouldn't have eaten 2 muffins, especially without protein, but I was so hungry after exercising, and they were easy and quick; no regrets

12:05 PM - broccoli, chicken breast, coffee w/ cream & Splenda; eaten on couch; very satisfying after I'd been so hungry

3:45 PM - salsa & cream cheese on low carb tortilla; eaten at desk; only a little hungry, but I ate because it will be a while before dinner

7:15 PM - baked eggs w/ green pepper, onion, colby cheese; eaten at desk; I didn't think this would satisfy me at all but it was surprisingly filling; I think I'm good for the night

Calories - 1746
Carbs - 153 (25 fiber)
Protein - 126
Fat - 74
C/P/F Ratio - 34.3/28.3/37.4

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