Sunday, September 7, 2008

NROL - Week 5 - Sunday

Weighed in at 152 today - that's down 1.5 pounds from last Sunday. I was actually surprised to see loss, and actually debated weighing in. I do that - avoidance. If I don't see it, it's not real. If I don't acknowledge it, it never happened. But lying to myself doesn't make me feel better.

It's been a funky week. Something hasn't felt right and I think it's the lack of exercise. I am really, really looking forward to tomorrow so I can sweat again! Next time there is a break in NROL, I'm not using it as an excuse to skip cardio, as well.

Since I messed up the schedule for weight lifting, I didn't do a summary of my "progress" during the Break In program. I didn't make huge gains in my weight lifting, but for the record:

Squat: 27 pounds to 32 pounds (+ 5 pounds)
Static Lunge: body weight to body weight+7.5 pounds (+ 7.5 pounds)
2 Point Dumbbell Row w/ Elbows Out: 10 pounds to 15 pounds (+ 5 pounds)
Pushups: body weight on knees (no progress, except they might have been easier the last week)
Swiss Ball Crunch: body weight (no progress, but I hate these stupid things)
Deadlift: 42 pounds to 57 pounds (+ 15 pounds)
Step Up: body weight on 16" step to 20 pounds [2 10-pound dumbbells] (+ 20 pounds)
Dumbbell 1 Arm Shoulder Press: 10 pounds to 15 pounds (+ 5 pounds)
Close-Grip Lat Pulldown: 40 pounds to 62 pounds (+ 22 pounds)
Reverse Crunch: body weight (no progress, but I hate these stupid things, too)

And just as a reminder, these were all 2 sets of 15, except the crunches, which were 2 sets of 20.

I think I also forgot last week's binge summary. There wasn't really anything noteworthy last week, and nothing this week. Lots of temptation and desire to binge but no acting on it. I did overeat a couple times, but it was legal foods. There I go again, assigning legality to my foods. I have to stop that.

10:15 AM - scrambled eggs w/ chipotle sauce, bacon, coffee w/ cream & Splenda; eaten on couch; I was starving and it is a miracle I didn't eat everything in the refrigerator; I wasn't in the mood to cook, but common sense won out

11:15 AM - mozzarella string cheese; eaten on couch; I was still hungry from breakfast

1:50 PM - chicken breast, coleslaw; eaten at desk; I wanted to just eat the rest of the coleslaw (about 2 servings worth) but forced myself to eat only 1 serving and have some protein with it

5:40 PM - stuffed cabbage (ground beef, red beans, brown rice, mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce); eaten at dining table;

Calories - 1508
Carbs - 63 (10 fiber)
Protein - 114
Fat - 87
C/P/F Ratio - 16.8/30.5/52.7


Hayley said...

AWESOME for not bingeing and for the seriously do inspire me. Perhaps I need to start doing things to keep myself accountable more often - posting what I eat, weighing-in, etc...I have struggled a lot this weekend. You give me hope!


I love the term legal foods!!! That's awesome.

Keep up the good work!

Becky said...

Thanks, ladies!